How to Prepare for a Hernia Surgery

Preparing for a hernia surgery lessens fears and reduces risks during the procedure. Since most of the hernia surgeries performed these days are done on an outpatient basis, it is essential that someone is available to go with you to the surgery or be there to pick you up several hours later. Most patients go home the same day. How can you take even greater steps to prepare for a hernia surgery? Keep the tips below in mind to ensure a smooth procedure.

Pre Op Appointment

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Before surgery, the doctor will need to take a variety of tests. He is likely to take blood work to complete these tests. The tests ensure that you are safe to go under the knife without any complications. You’ll sign a consent form once the doctor discusses the results of the blood work and tests. Some risks always come with a surgery but it is considered safe for most people.

Go in Clean

You’ll feel better when you go into the procedure clean and comfortable. Shower or bathe using an antibacterial soap the next before the surgery. If you prefer, bathe or shower the morning of the procedure, but remember to get up extra early!

Know When it is Off Limits

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night prior to your surgery. You’ve probably heard this one before since it is the most important rule to remember when preparing for surgery. It protects you so very much so follow this rule.

Prepare for Surgery

The tips above can ease some of the fears you may have when it is time for laparoscopic hernia surgery mt pleasant. Keep this information in mind and ensure a successful procedure when you go under the knife.